Things You Only Tell Your Girlfriends…

The older I get the less time I have for nonsense and I cherish my true friendships. I met SS when we moved to Weehawken in 2012 and I’ve adored and loved every second of our friendship since. She was so welcoming (its the Cali girl in her) and lovely, gracious and kind. I would always find myself at her kitchen table, usually accompanied by delicious food, hot tea and excellent company. They moved to LA in 2016 (worst year ever) and it was hard to acclimate to not having her and her lovely family (whom I adore equally) around. I counted 478 steps from my front door to hers and when they left and moved across the country, well they could have moved to another solar system. My tremendous fear of flying always stopped any plans I had of trying to visit them. Losing a sister-friend was very devastating to say the least.

Fast forward to 2018 and now they live in VA and while I don’t have to get in a steel box of death to go see them, its still not like the old days, when we’d spend hours talking about everything and nothing. When I was thinking about developing podcasts, I thought about the times I spent in her kitchen, usually us 2 but sometimes with other lady friends and all the fun times we shared. I wanted to capture a bit of that and is how the idea for this podcast came to be. I wanted to have a podcast that reflected the honesty of those friendships and celebrated the triumphs and struggles we all dealt with individually and as a village. So in honor of SS and women friendships, here’s THINGS YOU ONLY TELL YOUR GIRLFRIENDS…..

Podcast via Anchor

Episode 1: Velí

In our inaugural podcast of THINGS YOU ONLY TELL YOUR GIRLFRIENDS, we’re chatting with Veli, the creator of VEGANIZED BY VELI on YouTube.  We talk in length about her motivations to move to a plant-based diet, how she accomplished it and a few of her favorite things.  Our thanks to Veli for the chat and laughs which you can hear HERE and please check her channel full of easy recipes and hella lot of deliciousness on YouTube:  Veganized by Veli – YouTube 

Episode 2: Val

In our second chat, we speak with Val, a career administrative professional with an extensive work history, on the state of the industry and where we will be in her opinion (which I agree) in a few years.  She talks candidly of her own personal experiences and how they’ve helped shape her into the individual she’s become.  She also imparts some life lessons she’s picked up along the way. Check out our second episode HERE

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