Days 236 through 252 of 365 Days of Gratitude

We really got messed up by the September 1 storm and are still cleaning up. Today, 9/30, I wanted to catch up on the last few days/weeks and make the time to write down the things I am grateful for:

September 14: Day 236 – I am grateful for phone call check in from friends (thanks Sadler!)

September 15: Day 237 – As frustrating as some days are, I am grateful to be employed

September 16: Day 238 – I am grateful for my tribe of fellow admins that sustain me

September 17: Day 239 – I am appreciative to have made it to the end of the work week

September 18: Day 240 – I am grateful that both of my husband’s parents are still alive. They’ve come for a visit.

September 19: Day 241 – and am glad that the visit is now over

September 20: Day 242 – Once again I must shout out the husband. Our cat got really sick from drinking the sewer water. We rushed over to the Hoboken VEG and while the wait time was absolutely bananas, I am glad the hubby was there to accompany me during a stressful time.. I really thought we might have to put the cat down but happily, he is going to be okay and looks a lot better than before.

September 21: Day 243 – I am grateful I met The One and that I get to spend my life with him – happy 18th anniversary to my favorite husband.

September 22: Day 244 – I am glad for programs like WhatsApp that let me stay in touch with friends I don’t normally talk to on the regular

September 23: Day 245 – Today I appreciate good news emails

September 24: Day 246 – Today I appreciate Dunkin coffee and pumpkin munchkins

September 25: Day 247 – I really appreciate helpful children today

September 26: Day 248 – Today I am again in awe and grateful for my littles who are very sweet and helpful

September 27: Day 249 – Today I am grateful for busy work days that go by in the blink of an eye

September 28: Day 250 – I am grateful for the nice Fall weather

September 29: Day 251 – I really appreciate ice cream treats (see the thumbnail pic)

September 30: Day 252 – to bookend this post I am super grateful for my buddy Sadler and her phone call to check in on me today

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